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Twenty-twenty-one is already proving to be just as chaotic as the year we left behind and I don't think it's going to settle down any time soon. Social unrest dominates the headlines, we're about to feel the effects of the economic crisis, and mental health issues continue to plague the world just as much as, if not more than, the pandemic. So how do you source inspiration during such uncertain times?

"The key to a good visualization is the right prompt, a type of instruction that places you in the center of your truth"

Learn How To Meditate

My preferred answer is you learn how to meditate, raise consciousness, and transcend into knowledge beyond the material experience of life so you fear nothing, but let's be realistic, many of us are struggling to even source the motivation to get out of bed in the morning. I just flew back into Canada from the UK so I'm currently isolating and I'll be honest with you, the struggle is real! After having spent almost two months in lockdown in the UK, to now serving a 14-day sentence here in Canada, I too am starting to feel deflated and demotivated.

Whenever I find myself lacking confidence or optimism, I often resort to visualization meditation techniques because they're easy to do and they keep the mind active. A visualization technique utilizes the power of your imagination to transport you into an alternate world of your creation, sort of like going into your happy place such as imagining yourself laying on a beach, frolicking in a meadow, or fantasizing about some other care-free existence. Although great for stress-reduction, visualization techniques can offer you so much more, they can help you raise awareness and make you feel empowered.

Visualize Truth

The key to a good visualization is the right prompt, a type of instruction that places you in the center of your truth, and the one I use personally and teach the most goes as follows: Imagine yourself in a world in which you feel completely safe and secure to be vulnerable. Just think about that for a moment, what would a world of no fear look like for you? What will you be doing? What are you creating? What are you learning? What are you expressing? Who are you if the world is yours?

Once you're able to imagine the world of your truth, the next step in the meditation is to bridge your truth to your experience of reality. Your visualization is where you want to be, your present experience of life is where you are now, so what actions do you need to take and what experiences do you need to create in order to literally live in truth? - You then exit your meditation and mindfully act upon what you have learned.

""What truth do you want to experience in life?"

The intention of this visualization is to help you realize what it is you're here to experience in life and what experience you can bring to life. In the opening pages of my book is a saying from the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy scripture: 'Ik Onkar, Sat-naam' it means there is only one source of creation, it's name is truth. So if you're uncertain about what to do in life, especially during these uncertain times, observe your truth and create your life accordingly. Also, if you pay close enough attention, you will realize that inspiration comes from knowing how to be and less from knowing what to do.


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