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Twenty-twenty is coming to an end and it looks like some of the adaptations we've made to stay safe may just be the new normal. Now that we've realized how much work we can do from home, going back to the office may just be a thing of the past. Also, getting our essentials delivered could also be the new convenience we fully embrace heading into the next decade. Though we can sit and debate how much the world is going to change, and whether these changes are good for humanity or signs of the beginning of the end, I think it's time for us as individuals to realize that the truth, whatever it may be, is something we must seek and trust within ourselves.

"I awoke to a gut-wrenching dose of reality. "

This year has been eye-opening for me and it's definitely lived up to all the #2020Vision hype that themed many of last year's NYE celebrations and Instagram posts. Although the clarity I was expecting to gain was an esteemed sense of purpose and a crystal-clear direction of where I was headed, instead I awoke to a gut-wrenching dose of reality. As much as I would love to go into a rant about radical inequality, the controversies surrounding the coronavirus vaccines, and how the largest ever protest in human history is occurring right now and we're barely even aware of it, there really is no point. All that matters is how I choose to act upon the truth of how I feel, the truth I trust in, however popular or unpopular that makes me.

You see when it comes to living your life, fulfillment cannot and is not measured by how well you succeed in this world. It's not measured by how perfect your family looks, nor does it matter how good you look on your social media feeds. It also doesn't matter what side you're on, what causes you contribute to, or how nice of a person you are because ultimately, fulfillment is measured by how much truth you accept within yourself and how much of your life reflects it.

Seek The Truth

The best advice I can give before this year ends is to start seeking your truth and to learn to trust your gut again because, frankly, there is no one who will be able to navigate you through the next 5 years of rapid developments to how we live in this world. Trends are drastically changing overnight, we've all witnessed first-hand how quickly shifts can occur politically, economically, socially, technologically, legally, and environmentally all over the world. Anxiety rates are through the roof, and most likely it's because of how fast things are changing and how quickly we need to adapt to stay afloat. Generations upon generations of people are feeling like they're alone and falling behind because it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what or who to trust in, to guide us to a fulfilling and happy experience of life.

"Seeking your truth is your first point of call because, without it, you too may fall victim to what can feel like political, economical, social, technological, legal, and environmental abuse."

These days it seems for each evidence-backed pro there's equally an evidence-backed con and this leaves a lot of individuals confused and stuck in a state of inaction. Is it any wonder why anxiety, depression and suicide rates are the highest they've ever been and looking at the trends, personally it feels like that coronavirus has just pushed people into a decision about life that they were pondering for a while already. I work with many clients who were suffering from mental health conditions and for many, it's evident to me that the pandemic only reinforced a detrimental mindset about life, or just brought an underlying belief to light.

Seeking your truth is your first point of call because, without it, you too may fall victim to what can feel like political, economical, social, technological, legal, and environmental abuse. So how do you seek your truth? You meditate.

Before you wind yourself up and convince yourself that you can't meditate or believe that meditation is only for people seeking spiritual enlightenment, let me tell you that you are wrong. Meditating is just as much a human ability as sleeping, breathing, and eating. Meditation is an innate human intelligence, it's like this superpower you have that you've forgotten about and retraining it is as easy as breathing. Yes it's that innate and that easy to retrain.

To put it into perspective, you start meditating by simply taking a moment out of your life to process a thought. Life is to be experienced by the physical senses, that's it. So if your experience of life is consumed by thoughts and feelings that aren't being experienced by the 5 physical senses, experiences that are not present, then take a moment out of your life and deal with them consciously in meditation. It's really that simple when you can make that distinction:

  • Life = Conscious experience of the Senses
  • Meditation = Conscious processing of thought.

When you start taking the time to sit with your thoughts you effectively begin your meditation practice, and then it's only a matter of practise to realize how much you can manage your mind and control your thoughts. Seeking the truth starts when you choose to face everything you innately think and feel, and start investigating why you think and feel that way. Just imagine if every person on the planet did this for just 5 minutes a day, I would bet money on that interpersonal conflicts would soon become a thing of the past.

Embrace The Truth

Once you've connected with an innate truth, you're halfway to living a life in complete fulfillment, because the next stage is to ensure your life reflects the truth you've connected with. There's an inner conflict among some of my clients who are rightfully hesitant about accepting the new coronavirus vaccine when it's made available, for it's one of those situations where logic contradicts logic. On one hand it's logical to accept a vaccine against a biological threat and on the other, it's also logical to wait for the results of long-term effects. So I tell my clients to seek the truth of how they feel within; do you feel healthy? Do you believe that you can survive the threat? Do you believe you are a threat? It's okay to question what you're being told and it's also okay to trust it, so long as it resonates with how you truly feel within.

"I think we as a species need to move away from blind obedience and reactivate our intelligence"

What you're receiving/experiencing through your 5 physical senses must connect and align with how you feel on the inside, in order to be fulfilled in life. If it doesn't, then fulfillment is something you may realize to be an ongoing pursuit.

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