Meditate: Breathe into meditation and awaken your potential


Mental health issues are on the rise and conflict and chaos is everywhere. But if you learn to meditate, you can have a fearless mind. The meditative mind seeks truth in everything. Where there is conflict, you will find clarity instead of chaos; and where there is pain, you will find management instead of a reaction. If a problem has been created in your life, you can create a solution through meditation.

In Meditate: Breathe into meditation and awaken your potential, Talwinder Sidhu teaches you how to meditate and cultivate a meditative mind.

On your meditative journey, you will learn how to

  • Understand what meditation is and prepare for it
  • Implement a five-step process for beginning meditation
  • Control your mind and step out of reality into consciousness
  • Experience a transcendental journey through Maya, Atman, and Samadhi
  • Extend your meditation into a tantric ritual to experience enlightenment

Through meditation, you can assess all experiences in life from the perspective of a creator to discover that experience’s true origin—whether that experience is a sensation in your present, a memory from your past, or a state of mind that is directing your future. This will help you combat your mental ailments and find peace, truth, and clarity. All this by simply creating a moment for yourself to sit in contemplation. So open this book and let’s get started.

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The Author

Talwinder Sidhu was introduced to meditation at a young age as he was raised in a Sikh household. Now he has taught over 200 clients how to meditate in the past two years, including kids. Through teaching meditation, he has helped over a hundred people manage their mental health without medication. Additionally, he has helped clients get out of unhealthy relationships and into healthy ones, launch their business, start their careers, and explore their inner spirituality. All of his endeavors with his clients, audience members, and readers are to help them realize they can learn to meditate, which will improve their life. When he isn’t working with clients, he enjoys writing, hiking, meditating—especially when he has a weekend to do a tantric ritual—and discussing and debating solutions to life’s biggest problems.

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